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Q&A with Fanbytes' Tim Armoo

"At Fanbytes, we’re leading that charge making buying a social video buy as easy as buying an advert on Google and Facebook. I think we’re just at the beginning of that movement."

Leading up to Youth Marketing Strategy 2016, where Fanbytes' CEO Timothy Armoo was a speaker, Voxburner spoke with him about Fanbytes' work and his predictions for the future of marketing.

(Originally written for Voxburner on January 7, 2016)


We sat down with Fanbytes's Timothy Armoo to discuss all things social video, and what Fanbytes has in store for 2016.

Catch Timothy at Youth Marketing Strategy London 2016 next March, where he will be speaking on the 'How social video is redefining how brands market to millenials' session.

In the mean time, read on for some incredible insights:

Fanbytes' main purpose is to 'help brands engage with millennials through awesome social video'. Why do you think social video is the ideal medium to market to 16-25 year olds?

There are 3 reasons why:

  1. It allows you to tell a story which is compelling. Unless you’re a multinational brand who is well known and already has high brand recall, it’s very hard to be able to engage with your audience as a new unknown brand. Video gives you the ability to educate and entertain an audience in a way which is unrivalled from other mediums.
  2. The second is due to the proliferation of mobile - the 16-25 audience are heavy consumers of video. As video increasingly becomes shorter form, video enables a mode of communication which is far more native and natural to the platform than text or photo.
  3. Most importantly is the ability for social video to be tracked and shared meaningfully across the social web. At Fanbytes, we have an intense focus on tracking and measurability and accountability, building audience guarantees into our campaigns.

Social video presents an opportunity to go above impressions and the usual vague brand metric such as brand sentiment and rather focus on what matters - which is brand engagement and sales.

Why do brands use Fanbytes?

We’re the only influencer platform enabling audience guarantees in our campaigns. Most agencies use flowery language using 'brand advocacy' and 'brand sentiment' as metrics whereas we just focus on the metrics that matter.

Our focus on video strictly sets up apart, we’re experts in making things tick and create viral campaigns through videos. Such expertise is gained from doing countless campaigns with a range of brands.

Also, Fanbytes is very data driven. The biggest flaw of influencer marketing is the lack of data, it seems very wishy washy with no real accountability. Our data tracks everything in real time enabling brands to track the full spectrum of the campaign.

What was Fanbytes' marketing highlight of 2015?

We have three!

Kieran Ronaldinho Gif
Fanbytes' social video campaign with football star Ronaldinho and Youtube influencer Kieran Brown.

The first was a campaign we did with Ronaldinho to help sell his segways. To be able to work with one of the best footballers ever and be able to help him move product, that’s a dream come true for a team of young guys. The campaign itself had a massive reception and became a social trend featuring in popular media outlets like Lab Bible, The Mirror and The Sun.

The second was campaign with Go Pro, that was an incredible campaign scoring millions of engagements across the social web. Go Pro has been a company that I’ve admired for a long time and to be able to work with them was a great thing.

One of the campaigns we have live is one in which we’re creating a Guinness World Record. It’s a crazy campaign and if we get it right we end up getting our very own Guinness World Record. That promises to be a memorable one.

And what is your personal marketing prediction for 2016?

Vertical video will increasingly become a force to the reckoned with. The campaigns that we’ve run on platforms which encourage vertical video have been very good.

Influencers will start to prop up who are dedicated to specific platforms. The current state of influencers is that they are quite multi-channel however there is value in having dedicated influencers to specific platforms such as Meerkat and Snapchat. When we’ve run campaigns which are focused on a specific type of influencer, that’s worked very well.

Increasingly, programmatic technology will come to social video. At Fanbytes, we’re leading that charge making buying a social video buy as easy as buying an advert on Google and Facebook. I think we’re just at the beginning of that movement.

![Kieran Kick] (http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5508152ee4b0115fc60c2e8a/t/568e5b0a841aba52462d6dd5/1452169999241/?format=1500w)
Part of Fanbytes' GoPro campaign with Youtube influencer Kieran Brown

What's next on the Fanbytes agenda? Any interesting campaigns we need to keep any eye out for in 2016?

The Guinness World Record is a pretty great campaign, already signs are that this will be one of our biggest social campaigns yet.

We also have a national tour upcoming with a popular consumer retail brand. This will involve everything from parkour to outrageous stunts and jumping out of helicopters. It sounds very crazy but we’re a crazy bunch of guys.

We’re also to be working with some fantastic NGO organisations helping them get more young people to take social action. This is something that means a lot to us as we’re very passionate about using business to drive social change.

What other youth brands do you admire when it comes to marketing to 16-25s?

Snapchat! In terms of making ephemeral communication a thing, I think Snapchat have paved the way for so many different forms of communication with the youth market.

And finally a few fun questions…

What’s been the best moment of your career so far?

There are two:

Landing our first client- our first client was Go Ape and it was incredibly satisfying to see a brand buy into our vision. We then went on to work with some great brands from there.

Our first round of funding was equally great, we landed some great investors who brought with them the network and expertise to really grow.

Favourite app? Why?

Quora: I love Quora because in 5 minutes I can learn about pretty much anything I want to from seasoned experts in the field. If I wanted to build a nuclear reactor, I could ask the question 'how can I start a nuclear reactor?' and have an actual nuclear physicist answer my question.

Something few people know about you?

I learnt to code at 14.

What are you most looking forward to at YMS?

Learning from the speakers and meeting some great brands.

You can catch Timothy on Twitter at @TimArmoo.

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