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Universal wanted to drive unique engagement and exposure of Post Malone's new single "Congratulations" among a global teen audience. They trusted the campaign to us.

These were the results that we achieved for them :

  • UNPARALLELED COMPLETION RATES - 97.5% completion rate, something that Universal could never achieve on Facebook or IG
  • 3X Click-Through-Rate - the industry average is 1.2%, this campaign received 3.16% for them
  • VIEWS FOR JUST 2 PENNIES - in fact they managed to get each views for 1.8p

How did we do it?

First we created a 10 second ad using clips from Post Malone's music video which was also perfectly optimised for Snapchat.


However if we were to push this 10 second ad out - it would just randomly appear in someone's story with no context whatsoever, simply interrupting the user from watching the stories of the people he actually follows on Snapchat.

So we thought :

"Why don't we appear in the stories of the people that our users are already following?"

And that is what we did. We distributed the ad through popular influencers through our unique Sandwich Ad Format. This is what it looks like :


By the way you can see the full snaps here.

Note : We ran this campaign in June 2017 when the functionality to add links to Snaps had not been introduced so we used the Snapcode method instead to link out.

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